Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing
Wind turbines, church, Germany
Scheveningen in the Twilight
Yellow Tulips in the Dusk
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Welcome to my photoblog

Gubei Water Town, Beijing, China

2 hours driving from Beijing city to the North (or maybe North east), you can reach Gubei Water Town, or ...
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Mayen, Germany

It was the second day before our Christmas vacation ended. The plan was to go to Mayen, a small German ...
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Cochem, Germany

Cochem is a small German town on the river Mosel. Cochem is famous for its fine wine, as well as, ...
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Eifel, Germany

Christmas is good. But for us tourists in another country, it could be a little boring. Because, all the shops ...
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Delft, the Netherlands

Delft is popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands. It is home to Delft University of Technology ("TU Delft"), regarded as ...
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Rottemeren, the Netherlands

The Dutch city, Rotterdam is named after the river, de Rotte. Rotterdam means, actually, the dam on the Rotte. Rottemeren ...
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My Videos

老田边走边拍 3,代尔夫特,Delft

国内的朋友请点击这里在B站观看 这一期的边走边拍,老田带大家一起游代尔夫特。 Music: Adventures By: A. Himitsu 我想通过“边走边拍”这一系列以摄影为主线的短视频,向大家介绍荷兰,介绍欧洲。 ...
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老田边走边拍 2,埃因霍温灯光节,GLOW2017

国内的朋友请点击这里在B站观看 我想通过“边走边拍”这一系列以摄影为主线的短视频,向大家介绍荷兰,介绍欧洲。 这一期的边走边拍,老田带大家一起去看看埃因霍温一年一度的灯光节。 ...
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老田边走边拍 1,开篇以及鹿特湖,Rottemeren

国内的朋友请点击这里在B站观看 我想通过“边走边拍”这一系列以摄影为主线的短视频,向大家介绍荷兰,介绍欧洲。 这是“边走边拍”的第一集,向大家介绍我自己,并介绍离鹿特丹不远的鹿特湖。 ...
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About myself and this web

My name is Jun Tian, a part time photographer, based in the Netherlands.
This is my personal photo gallery website. I started photographing as a hobby from April, 2017. I hope this photoblog would mark my progress in my photography.
I am also making some vlog videos to share my photography practice stories. The main purpose of making those videos is to show the Dutch and European land and cityscapes, and more importantly,  the Dutch and European cultures to Chinese people. Those videos are made entirely in Chinese language, including subtitle, and can be found on both China’s video platforms and Youtube.