Drums in Beijing
Wind turbines, church, Germany
Autumn Woods
Yellow Tulips in the Dusk

New Photos

TianStudio_Church door

Church door

TianStudio_Jogging in the autumn woods

Jogging in the autumn woods

TianStudio_Colourful Church

Colourful Church

TianStudio_Autumn woods

Autumn woods


About myself and this web

Welcome to TianStudio.com
My name is Jun Tian, a part time photographer, based in the Netherlands. I try to walk out and shoot every week, looking for colors, looking for contrasts, looking for new angles, waiting for the moments that would inspire me the most. Through my photography, I hope that I could freeze the incredible moment and place and pass them to the viewers.
This is my personal photo gallery website. I’d like to use this web to showcase, and furthermore, facilitate my photography work.

This web is still under construction.